find water.   stand up.   start paddling. 

SUP CLE (Stand Up Paddleboarding Cleveland) offers stand up paddleboarding lessons, group SUP lessons, SUP YOGA, paddleboarding excursions, sunset paddles and paddelboard rental ON THE BEACH AT 


RESERVATION. ​ For pros or those just dipping your toes in, we want to get you on a stand up paddleboard in Cleveland on Lake Erie to enjoy a sunny day, sunset, yoga or city skyline view!

2015 classes start in June when water is above 67 degrees.  ***Schedule coming soon!

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We've met some great people in the global SUP community and want to share all we've learned to create the best SUP experience for you. Our biz isn't based in retail, so you won't get quick board demos in place of a lesson. Our main focus is sharing our love of SUP and to give you something cool and different to do in Cleveland -- to connect the city to the water, and get you out to enjoy it!

We offer personalized, fun paddles with certified instructors who've been paddleboarding, SUP racing, practicing SUP technique and SUP yoga for years.  For healthy body, healthy mind, or to try one the coolest things you'll ever do - SUP CLE is anything you want it to be!

By the way -- you don't have to "be athletic" or "have good balance" (we get that a lot ;)  We'll teach you all you need to know! 


If you have your own board  (BYOBoard)

If you have your own board, leash, paddle and PDF we'd love for you to join us in SUP YOGA, sunset paddles, or learn how become a safer, more efficient paddler. We also offer advanced techniques classes (coming soon!) See our schedule for BYOB cost - varies per class.


Mandee Flescher
Founder Prana Paddle

Mandee is a certified yoga and 

SUP yoga instructor offering SUP yoga classes and tranquil meditation on the water. You wont find a more calming, meditative experience than a SUP yoga class with Mandee! 

Jill Jankowski

Bringing her passion for Cleveland and standup paddleboarding onto the water for city & sunset views Jill offers group & private instruction, special paddleboarding excursions and sunset paddles at Edgewater Park on Lake Erie. Certified in CPR Water Safety, WPA & Paddlefit L2 Instruction she's  received clinic 

technique training from world reknown elite instructors such as John Denny, Annabelle Anderson, and Brode Welte -- which she loves to share with anyone!

Her main goal is to get her dog Java on her Coreban. Just once.


The SUP CLE Fleet 

Ride Lake Erie on the most streamline, fun boards around. We're thrilled this year for our 

eclectic curation of boards by 
our very radical partner ISLE. You can also BUY PADDLEBOARDS from Isle through us!

Deanna Black

Certified SUP YOGA, Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Instructor

She'll get you out on your board and give you a rewarding SUP yoga class experience! Deanna Black is thrilled as part of SUP CLE to bring together her experience as a holistic fitness trainer, surfer, paddler and yoga teacher. Her classes are designed not only to teach physical skills practicing on a board but will naturally promote the art of living the moment, connecting with nature and thriving in a state of bliss.She also totally rocks our SUP Pilates classes. 

Renee Froerer ​Stand Up Paddleboard Group Instructor

Renee has been an active stand up paddler for three years --bringing her passion for paddling to SUP CLE clients. She leads many of the group events, promotion and instruction at SUP CLE  

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